Circe Hard Enamel Pin

Circe Hard Enamel Pin


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1.5" hard enamel pin of Circe from the Odyssey.

Circe was one wild freak sorceress and a totally underrated witch in the western canon (I c u Macbeth witches and the craft cast smh). She tricked men into doing her bidding then turned them into lions, tigers, bears, dogs... but when Odysseus' men arrived she took a select few and turned them into swine and left them to roll in the sty. Upon hearing from one of the escaped sailers that his men had been turned to pork, Odysseus goes on a journey from the shore through the forest to find and free them. During his lil sojourn, Hermes shows up and tells him all about Circe and her powers, and how to avoid her sorcery and poisonous food by taking an herb literally called holy moly. Odysseus ends up overpowering Circe by staying sound of mind and forces her to turn the pigs back into men. But Circe and Odysseus become lovers and spend a year luxuriating in her mansion in the forest before she tells Odysseus that the only way he can learn the course back to Ithaca is to visit the blind seer Tiresias in the underworld.